Digital Advertising

Ad Operation

Ad Operations refers to processes and systems that support the sale and delivery of online advertising. More specifically this is the workflow processes and software systems that are used to sell, input, serve, target and report on the performance of online ads.


Our online agency/advertiser team is focused on delivering measurable results from highly targeted, relevant campaigns, and services include: 

  • Campaign management on ad servers include Atlas, DFA, Eyeblaster and Mediaplex
  • Experienced staff to setup campaigns including display, search, rich media, action tags (spotlight/floodlight). Also work with Eyeblaster, Doubleverify, Eyewonder, Pointroll and Flashtalking
  • Reporting and analysis across campaigns to understand effectiveness
  • Troubleshooting of campaigns / creative testing

Our publisher team provides a complete range of services to enable publishers to deliver campaigns and achieve their revenue targets: 

  • Expertise on all major ad servers including Doubleclick, Adtech, Emediate, Ad manager, Open X, etc.,
  • Site Tagging, Set up, Testing & Deployment
  • Campaign booking and optimization
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Experience with BT/contextual targeting platforms such as Audience Science, GrapeShot
  • Web Analytics and Omniture reporting
Search Engine Marketing

Our Search Engine Marketing team provides campaign management services to enable advertisers to achieve their ROI

  • Expertise across leading search engines including Google AdWords, AOL, Microsoft adCenter and Bing.
  • PPC Account Creation and Expansion expertise, including building out highly contextual and targeted keywords and text ads across highly thematic structures
  • Targeting highly relevant traffic on the Google Content Network through the combined use of keywords and targeted placements to reach the right demographic for the marketing campaigns
  • Setting up multiple conversion and analytics tracking systems in URLs including Omniture, Coremetrics, WebTrends and DoubleClick
  • Pixel / conversion tagging; implementation and trouble shooting
  • Quick turnaround time - high quality and support 
Ad Networks

We provide a suite of services, ranging from campaign management to optimization to reporting for ad networks, Demand Side platforms (DSPs), Ad exchanges and Supply Side platforms (SSPs):

  • Campaign Creation / Updation
  • Creatives Upload
  • Pixels Creation
  • Publisher Categorization
  • Publisher Adcodes
  • Campaign Monitoring and Optimization
  • Report Generation
  • Screen Grab