Ad Operation


KS Media Services has a dedicated operation and account management teams they can handle any kind of all forms of campaign/creative setup, targeting respective metrics as per IO document.

Our team members are well versed in ad servers, ad exchanges like (doubleclick, Appnexus, Yahoo), DFA, DFP, DBM/DCM, Atlas, Mediamind, AdRoll, Sitescout,Epom etc.

Campaign Monetization/Optimization

Our campaign managers will handle each and every campaign's trafficked by our traffickers as per client requirements and targetings. Once the campaign's wents live we will monitor performance and do necessary optimization to improve delivery and margin to get ROI for advertisers.

We will use automation and algorithms to optimize campaign's at times apart from manual optimizations.

Performance Reportings

Our team will generate daily campaign reports from different ad servers and combine the datas as per client needs to improve campaign performance. For highly complex reports we will create macros and formulaes to simply the report and timing.

Inventory Management

We will analyze and utilize the remanant inventories as per our client needs to make use of all available impressions in a proper manner.

Mobile App Marketing

With the increasingly widespread use of smartphones, app usage has also greatly increased. Therefore, mobile marketers have increasingly taken advantage of smartphone apps as a marketing resource. This allows for direct engagement, payment, and targeted advertising.

Our in-house marketing and operation team monetize mobile users and accquire organic app installs from different markets